Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hi, I am Tom. I am from Harlan County, Kentucky and I will soon be Majoring in Missions and Ministries. I currently attend The University of the Cumberlands and serve on the 2012 Appalachian Ministries Summer Team. I play guitar and am playing some songs for worship on the team this summer. I have worked with the youth of Canada Town through Appalachian Ministries and hope to do it some more! Enjoy the blogs!


Welcome to the Appalachian Ministries blog! My name is Michelle! I am an Appalachian Ministries volunteer and I have been for the past four years while attending University of the Cumberlands. This is, unfortunately, my last summer serving with this amazing program, but it has helped shape my life and has helped my walk with God grow tremendously. I am from Rosebud, Missouri. I have 14 brothers and sisters. I just graduated University of the Cumberlands with a degree in Early Elementary Education. I love getting to serve by ministering to children and showing them Christ's love! This summer we will be traveling to many different places doing a VBS in a different location every week, and help run a youth camp and kids camp! It will be fantastic! I can't wait to see what the Father has in store! Please be in prayer for the team and for all of the people we encounter this summer! God bless!